DR. Renuka David

Healthcare Specialist

An MBBS graduate and Alumnus of Coimbatore Medical College, Dr. Renuka David has had a long illustrious career spanning over two decades.



Radiant Medical Services was founded in the year 2006 at Chennai by Dr Renuka David. It is a vertical of the Radiant Group of Companies. Radiant Medical Services comprises of Radiant Home Health Services, Radiant Wellness Conclave, Radiant Wellness Forum, Radiant Medi-Fitness.


Our Group of companies


Radiant Home Health Services is a multi-faceted and a well-established home healthcare company that provides medical and non-medical healthcare, elderly care and trained nursing care at one’s home. With the frequent onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia these days, care of elderly parents who live on their own has become a challenge that can only be met with personalized professional home care.


The Radiant Wellness Conclave was conceived keeping in mind the need for immediate corrective preventive measures against lifestyle diseases and addressing need of the hour social issues. The 9 dimensions of wellness include physical, emotional, environmental, social, intellectual, financial, occupational, technological and health.  Spearheaded by Dr. Renuka David, The Radiant Wellness Conclave has seen 4 very successful editions


The Radiant Wellness Forum addresses important steps to be taken to prevent the early onset of Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, PCOS, cancer and auto immune diseases. It is a repository of articles and videos on healthy living and holistic wellness from around the world aiming to create awareness of preventive medicine especially among the young urban population.


Realizing the urgent need of ‘preventive’ healthcare rather than ‘curative’ healthcare, the Radiant Medi-Fitness lounge, was started to create and spread awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyle and important steps that needs to be taken to prevent the early onset of Lifestyle diseases. Equipped with a state-of-the-art gymnasium and well-trained instructors and dieticians, Radiant Medi-Fitness lounge actively helps and guides people towards a healthy living.



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